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Fast, Simple Hard Money Loans for Real Estate Investors

Obtaining traditional loans for real estate investments can be slow, cumbersome, and very limiting!

Hard Money Loans are short term loans secured by real estate. They are simple, fast, and give you more flexibility to get deals done. Hard money loans allow you to:

  • Get properties at a discount and win deals in competitive market
  • Close deals you couldn’t do with traditional financing
  • Save time and hassle, finish projects quickly

These will all have an impact on your profit, and help you build wealth more effectively. Because this can make such a big impact, it is important that you don’t use just any hard money/private money lender.

You need a loan from someone who has experience, is reliable, and someone you can trust. Klinkloans is an Arizona local lending expert that provides fast, simple, and reliable real estate financing to help real estate investors achieve their goals and build wealth effectively.

Here are the items we need to process a loan:

  • Signed loan application (which we will prepare and send for you to review and sign)
  • Evidence of Insurance or your insurance agent’s contact information
  • Purchase contract and all addenda and assignments
  • A copy of your credit report date within the last 90 days, or we will pull a credit report for you. (A credit report is only required every 6 months, not for every loan). 
  • Project’s total budget and scope of work (Paint – $2,000, Carpet – $1,000, etc). This is only required on loans where we are financing the construction or renovations. 

Other important items to know:

  • Loans are business purpose only
  • Jr Liens / 2nd Liens are not permitted on the subject property
  • A personal guaranty from all borrowers and spouses is required
  • Payments are deducted via ACH and they must come from a business account
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