About the Klinkloans Team

Who we are:

We are a team of local Arizona professionals dedicated to building relationships with and assisting investors in the Arizona real estate market. We provide trustworthy real estate financing and service to help real estate investors achieve their goals.

The Problem:

  • Real estate transactions are time sensitive, but lenders often are not.
  • Working with lenders can be a hassle and involve a lot of unnecessary hoops to jump through.
  • It is tough to have an actual relationship with your lender, direct communication, and have them care about your goals.
  • This makes it tough to trust your financing source, and have peace throughout your transactions.

How We Help:

  • We have 20 years of experience in real estate investing, and 7 years as a Private Lender. We understand!
  • We care about building trust and relationships. You enter into relationships with decision makers at Klinkloans. 
  • As a result of our experience and great communication, we can assist in overcoming obstacles which will help you achieve your goals.
  • We have flexible, innovative, and competitive programs that assist you in getting deals done so you can invest time, money, and energy into other important areas of life.

You need a loan from someone who has experience, is reliable, and someone you can trust. Klinkloans is an Arizona local lending expert that provides fast, simple, and reliable real estate financing to help real estate investors achieve their goals and build wealth effectively. 

But DON’T take our word for it – please check out our google reviews to hear about the experiences our customers have had with us.

We truly don’t want to just do a transaction with you… we are looking to build a relationship, help you achieve your goals, and increase your joy in real estate investing!

This is why we have been named one of the best hard money lenders in Arizona by HardMoneyAdvisor.com

Types of deals we can fund:

  • Fix and Flip Loans
  • Construction Loans (includes new construction, infill projects, and subdivisions)
  • Short Term Rental Loans (Airbnb/VRBO)
  • Bridge Loans
  • Multi-Family Loans
  • 1031 Exchange Loans
  • Group Home Loans
  • Commercial Loans

Contact us to see if we can help you overcome an obstacle and achieve your goals. 

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Jean Klinkhamer – President & Fund Manager

Jean has worked with real estate investment properties in Arizona since 2002. He has been involved in hundreds of transactions, and has financed over $50 million in private money loans.

As an investor, Jean has fixed and flipped many homes himself and owned and managed rental properties. He brings that perspective to the table as a lender and knows from experience what investors want and need in terms of smooth access to capital for their transactions.

Mortgage Loan Originator NMLS#1504656
AZ Real Estate License #BR580512000

Mike Zins – Loan Originator / Director of Operations

Mike handles loan origination, so he is your main contact if you are looking for financing or have questions about our loans. His background is in conventional financing for residential real estate, operations, and non-profit management.

Mike thrives in putting together winning solutions that serve our customers.

#32 on Scotsman Guide’s Top Originators for 2021 (Non-QM Loans)

#126 on Scotsman Guide’s Top Originators for 2020 (Top Mortgage Broker)

                                                                                               Mortgage Loan Originator NMLS#183815

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Cole Sundt – Investor Relationship Manager

Cole handles all investor communication, administration, and servicing. He has a background in real estate, having worked as a mortgage loan originator. In addition to his professional experience, he is currently pursuing a Finance degree at ASU.

Cole looks to use his background in real estate and client facing roles to help improve the overall experience for all investors he gets the pleasure to work with. If you ever need help, he’s more than happy to assist!

Sean Sparks – Director of Finance

Sean handles the day to day of all the finances behind the loan process. Sean has a background in Real Estate as well as Accounting, working as a Mortgage Loan Originator and an Assistant Controller in prior roles.

Sean looks to utilize his combination of knowledge in Real Estate, Accounting, and Finance to increase the joy of every client on every transaction with us at Klinkloans.

Brianne Mortensen – Administrator / Loan Servicer

Brianne processes and services all of our loans. Her background is in administrative work and has been in the financial industry with Stewardship for over two years now.

Organization is one of Brianne’s strong suit and she loves completing tedious tasks, using checklists and making sure that the small details aren’t missed. She loves getting to work behind the scenes to ensure all of our loans are a success.

Angie Barrette – Executive Assistant to Jean Klinkhamer

Angie enjoys working behind the scenes helping with tasks that help create margin for Jean to do his best work in bringing joy to our clients.  Whether it’s making travel arrangements, booking contractors, checking the mail, sending out correspondence and gifts, or whatever is needed, Angie loves knowing she is helping in the process to create joy for others.

Amanda Vilhauer – Executive Assistant to Mike Zins

Amanda loves to serve others in whatever capacity she can – big projects, small tasks, and everything in between. She loves to learn and jumps at the opportunity to take on new challenges to help others be able to help others accomplish their goals.