Klinkloans Cash Out Hack

You no longer have to choose between cash out or lower rates with no seasoning!

PROBLEM: Real Estate Investors who acquire a property (whether it’s with cash, or hard money), and renovate it, then plan to refinance into a conventional loan usually have to choose:
– Do I want as low a rate as possible (rate term refinance into my conventional loan)?
– Or do I want to use as much leverage as possible and take cash out of the property (cash out refinance with a higher rate AND have to wait a 6 month seasoning period)?
SOLUTION: We designed the “Klinkloans Cash Out Hack” that helps investors capitalize on getting BOTH as low a rate as possible for their exit loan AND get as much cash out as possible AND not having to wait 6 months seasoning.
Please watch the 4 minute video below for a brief explanation on how it works!


This is a basic tool that will help you understand what your cash out scenario could look like!

Please note this is not an official quote – but an estimator to help you see how it works. The numbers will vary based on what you put in for LTV (Loan To Value) both on purchase, and on the refinance.

Please keep in mind that this tool is for investment properties / business purpose loans, where the max LTV is typically 80%.

Ideal Loan To Value Percentage of Purchase Price (should not exceed 80%)
This is what your take out loan / refinance will go up to percentage wise of your final appraised value. Typically 75-80%/

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